Breaking the Mold

Written by Judith Rose, Vice President - Textillery Weavers

Textillery WeaversOn a recent Facebook survey of ‘foods that describe you’ I was awarded the egg – a symbol of fertility and creativity. So I was thrilled to be chosen for the very creative ‘Unbounded’ Trendwatch theme with my new bamboo/cotton tweed throws featuring ‘double fringe’ otherwise known as ‘flirt fringe’.

As a rule breaker, I thought it was time for pink to stand out. Rich pinks, blues, and purples are combined to create a bright pop of color in any room. This collection is not shy or subtle but rather vivid and eye catching. While featuring a bright tulip pink mixed with sapphire blue; we can also weave this tweed featuring any two colors a designer desires. See one of the other options we have tried featuring blues.

I also thought it was time for fringe to take a front seat. Fringe is ‘cheap’ at Textillery Weavers as it is a byproduct of anything woven at the Textillery Weaversfactory. We always have 12”-20” of vertical warp ends (otherwise known as fringe) leftover on the loom after any project. Why not take advantage and weave a band of extra fringe? In reality, ‘flirt fringe’ is taking our leftovers and remaking them into something very exciting. The next step was to mix and match – taking fringe from one design and adding it to another design.

Textillery is an artisan weaving factory located in Bloomington Indiana. We still hand weave throws made from not just bamboo, but also Sunbrella and cotton and rayon. We have been in business for 40 years because our throws stand out and last the test of time. Our Textillery Weaverscustomers are always looking for a one of a kind accessory woven specifically for them. Double fringe – sure. Take out the pink and put in
blue – sure. Light pink instead of bright pink – sure. While our standard length is 72”; we often weave bed throws over 100” in length. Our tweeds can take on either bright or subtle colorations. See picture of BDTW BB-GTCD.

Hard to believe we weave to order here in the USA in 2017 – but we love what we do and our customers keep demanding more. We like to think of our throws as custom tailoring for the home. Come in and visit us at Textillery Weavers, IHFC H235. Although one of the smallest showrooms in High Point, we’re one of the biggest on color. A chance to relax and cuddle up. We’ll make you smile.