Bunny Williams Brings The Outdoors In

Bunny Williams HomeBunny Williams' classic southern style is marked by comfortable, welcoming spaces. There is always room for extra guests, lots of laughter, and of course for pets. A hallmark of her designs is the use of little drinks tables placed beside every chair.

Drinks tables can range in size from 11" Diameter - just large enough for a cup and saucer, napkin and perhaps reading glasses - to around 17" Diameter – large enough to sit on. In fact, a ceramic garden stool can do double duty as both a drinks table and a stool.


Bunny Williams Home, Albero Table

There is no standard finish for drinks table, so you’ll find some that are sleek and lacquered and have a more modern bent and others that are distressed, traditionally carved, made of metal, ceramic and even plexiglass. 

Because of their small size these tables are a great place way to add a little character to your room without making a huge statement.

Bunny Williams Home has become known as a source for drinks tables of all styles and sizes. A classic favorite is our Albero Drinks Table. Inspired by the 18th century Rococo art movement developed in France during the reign of King Louis XV (1715-74), our hand-carved table base features classic Rocaille characteristics: stylized vines, twigs and rocklike motifs with a lustrous hand-gilded finish and is topped with a smooth marble top. This table is right on trend with bringing the outdoors in. Its organic form feels natural but chic . . . and no green thumb required!

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