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Commerce & Design Building

Commerce & Design Building

Nearly three dozen showrooms are debuting hundreds of home furnishings and accessories product lines in the Commerce & Design (C&D) building during Spring High Point Market via introductions presented on nine floors in one easy-to-navigate location.

Alder + Tweed

A key destination for buyers and designers, the C&D building houses more than 30 companies and assorted product lines including: Alder & Tweed Furniture (C&D 1B,1C), Guildmaster(C&D 1A), Solaria (C&D 1G), Spicher & Co. (C&D 1D), and Visual Comfort (C&D 2G,2I).


With inspiration around every corner, C&D offers every type of buyer a reason to shop — from commercial, to mid-range to high-end resources to organic and sustainable — there's a company here to meet every need. 

Dorel Home

Additional C&D exhibitors for Spring market include: Alliyah Rugs (C&D 5E); Ameriwood Home/Dorel Home (C&D 9A); Bethel International (C&D 4C,D,Q); Brentwood Classics Limited (C&D 8I,K); Butler Speciality Co. (C&D 5I); Crawford & Burke (C&D 7G,I); Legend Global (C&D 4G,I,J,K,L and 7A); Lux Lighting (C&D 4P), My Home Furnishings (C&D 5J,K); NCA Designs Inc. (C&D 6A,B,C); Padma’s Plantation (C&D 5L); Ralph Lauren Home Lighting (C&D 2J,K), Sarreid Ltd. (C&D 3B,D); South Shore Furniture (C&D 7N); Trowbridge Gallery (C&D 2A); Urban Chic (C&D 4N); and Urbia (C&D 5A,B).


Special Events During Market

Alder & Tweed Furniture (C&D 1B,1C) will have a Meet & Greet with Jeff Lewis on Sunday, April 15 at 12:00pm. Trowbridge (C&D 2A) is offering Noodles and Prosecco daily from 11 a.m., Saturday through Tuesday. Visual Comfort (C&D 2G,2I) is hosting daily happy hours on Friday-Tuesday from 3-5 p.m.; on Sunday, Visual Comfort will also host an event introducing the company’s new designer, Julie Neill, from 3-5 p.m. Additionally, just outside of the main C&D entrance, South Elm Plaza offers seating for al fresco meals and cocktails as well as live music.