Exhibitor Showcase: Regal Rondure

Regal Rondure Dining Ensemble

Discover the truly extraordinary Regal Rondure dining furniture ensemble. Creating a distinctively elegant dining environment, this new collection is both bold and eccentric! A truly one-of-a-kind dining set, the Regal Rondure makes dining an alluring adventure. 

The product line is very elegant. Its trademark—“Regal Rondure”—was chosen as a name indicative of that elegance.  Its design motif, across all of its components (Table/Chair Unit, Overhead Multifunction Fixture Unit, and Buffet Base and Wall Units), consistently incorporates “rondure” with its long, gracious curvatures, and that consistent application of design. Even the overhead fixture is completely blended in with the motif. Together, the Regal Rondure product line components create an extraordinary dining ambiance well-suited for a regal, high-end environment.

Find out more about the inspiration behind the Regal Rondure dining ensemble and learn more about what makes this new product so unique.

What are the top three things buyers should know about your product line?

Buyers should know that components of the product line—especially the table/chair and overhead fixture—provide functionality not typical of status quo dining furniture, and consumers will love these features, to name a few:

1) Neither the table nor the chairs have legs, per se. Floor sweeping becomes a breeze (no legs to sweep around), and no floor scratches from sliding table and chair legs whether during sweeping or during use by table and chair occupants.

2) The table design incorporates two built-in auxiliary seats that stow when not needed. No more retrieving additional seats that take up space elsewhere to accommodate extra folks.  No more crowding chairs around to squeeze them in.

3) The overhead fixture is substantial in size and consistent in form to the Table/Chair Unit. First, its design provides a Wow Factor—it’s futuristic. Second, its design provides a means to distribute LED spot-lighting directly down to the plate positions and cooling to the seating positions more effectively. Third, it provides occupant cooling without use of an unsightly, typical ceiling fan.


Regal Rondure - Light Fixture


Where do you find your design inspiration?

My designs are born from disenchantment and frustration with current products, with an aim to meet the “wants and needs” that comprise a solution to the status quo shortfalls. My process is to begin with a blank slate—no preconceived notion of form or design whatsoever. Rather, I begin by writing down what I consider the ideal qualities and features, then engineer, design, and build a prototype that satisfies those wants and needs.  If I can’t find a product with the features I want on the market, I design and build such a product.  

Regal Rondure Dining Ensemble

For me, a great market would be...

…hearing the viewpoints of 1000’s of market visitors at my SAMS T-736 exhibit for feedback on my designs—both the pros and cons.  In my view, designers and developers are often too close and ingrained in their products’ development to sense which aspects consumers truly love, and which aspects aren’t so magnificent. With the exposure provided by HPM Fall 2017, I hope to proliferate awareness of the Regal Rondure Dining Ensemble product line, and ultimately open licensing discussions with furniture manufacturers.  

Be sure to see the Regal Rondure Dining Ensemble product line at Fall Market in SAMS T-736.