The Unpredictability of Life's Transitions

GreenBox Art, Macaroon RhinoBalancing Whimsy & Walls is what we titled our newest collection of art by Heather Gauthier. Heather's boldly colored wall décor is unique because it depicts true to life animals in extraordinary circumstances – for example, the Macaroon Rhino balancing a small plate of delicious pastries on his horns or Haute House Zebra sporting a floral arrangement as a head topper. These two artworks serve the same purpose of portraying a seemingly normal figure, an animal, in an unexpected and uncommon positon. Though they may appear silly and playful at first glance, these artworks represent the unpredictability that comes with transitioning through life. We are all ordinary people, but sometimes we find ourselves in uncommon situations or in the middle of a balancing act. We truly admire Heather Gauthier bringing light to the concept of growing in a world that throws curve balls and surprises at us when we least expect it. Her fresh perspective and colorful aesthetic has made her one of our best-selling artists. When it comes to the elements that influence her
artworks, Heather proclaims that she is greatly inspired by " beauty, modern graphics, and textile design. " We foresee big things to come from Heather Gauthier!GreenBox Art, Haute House Zebra

At GreenBox, we like to think of art as something that is constantly evolving and often used to visually express ourselves. We also believe that art is one of the most powerful tools in helping to create a positive impact on someone's life. This season, we are setting the stage (and our showroom) with amazing new art for those who are looking for a burst of energy and individuality to adorn their walls as they transition through life.

Visit GreenBox Art in the Suites at Market Square, #M-4013 High Point, NC