intentastic's Wonderfully Wild Fabrics and Textures

intentastic, Wonderfully Wildintentastic pillows take 3-D to the next level with artistic and erratic floating trapunto pieces using torn fabric, hanging threads, and a wild collision of fabrics in a "Wonderfully Wild" organza and silk creation. Designer, Donna Jessica was visually challenged by the ragged holes in the organza and wanted to create something wild and modern, so the trapunto pieces were the perfect embellishments to complete this pillow.

Texture with layers is also a defining characteristic, as well as complex but diverse color combinations. Appliqué with intentastic, Regalexcitement in patterns that take it to the limit is ultimately "Unbounded" in expression of design and creativity, as exemplified in "Regal" a cosmopolitan/modern design created with linen and silk. intentastic was inspired by the European folkloric feeling of freedom expressed in this design. "Regal" is an offbeat kick for "Unbounded" in every aspect of design, fabrication and mood.

Find intentastic in the Suites at Market Square, T-903