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    International Market Centers Offers High Point Buyers A Mobile Productivity Solution



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    Karen Olson

    Vice President of Marketing, Home Furnishings

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    International Market Centers Offers High Point Buyers

    A Mobile Productivity Solution


    High Point, NC (Monday, October 7, 2013) – International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC) has teamed up with B2B commerce solutions provider 1Track (www.1Track.com) to develop an innovative mobile app to assist buyers in organizing and sharing product images taken at High Point Market.

    Available through a free download at IMCHighPointMarket.com/app, 1Track offers a powerful mobile tool for both exhibitors and buyers. For buyers, the app provides the capability to:


    +  Easily capture product photos, automatically associate with exhibitor name, and tag them with comments;


    +  Organize product photos into custom folders based on themes, such as individual showrooms, product types or price point ranges; and


    +  Share product images and information with team members during or after market using social media, email or text.


    +  Discover interesting products through a “trend stream” that displays the product interest across all attendees at Market



    “IMC is committed to giving attendees to our facilities the best possible experience at market,” said Scott Eckman, chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer for IMC. “Some buyers literally take thousands of photos of products at market.  Organizing these photos, recalling which showroom the product was in, or recalling details on the product are all very difficult for someone who did not use a tool to organize and tag their images at the time the photograph was taken. This new app enables buyers to capture images and information about products they like, easily organize them, and share them.


    The 1Track app also exposes buyers to products they may be unaware of both before and during market.

    For example, before market, buyers can view new product images included in the High Point Market Preview Guides and tag and save details for use in planning showroom visits. During market, buyers will have access to special “trending” screens that highlight hot products, styles and trends worth noting that they otherwise might have missed—information that also can be easily saved for future reference.


    Along with its benefits for buyers, 1Track also offers a valuable tool for exhibitors. Participating is easy, since IMC automatically lists each exhibitor in the app so that buyers can associate product photos they take with specific companies. To obtain even more value, IMC customers can provide 1Track with electronic copies of their catalogs for incorporation in the app’s database, so buyers will automatically get more information about a product when taking a photo of the product and the entering the SKU number in the 1Track app..


    “Integration is free and easy,” said Eckman. “Exhibitors are in control, since they decide which products, and how much detail, they want to share, but the more information a buyer has, the more likely they will be to purchase.”


    “The 1Track app adds a new dimension to the High Point Market,” said Eckman. “The result is a richer market experience for all of our attendees.”


    1Track is available for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and accessible from any browser on a Mac or PCs. To download the app, users should search the Apple AppStore or Google Play for “1Track for High Point.” User support is available at support@1Track.com.


    The app also has a Web interface so that users can manage content from their desktops.


    In addition to 1Track, the High Point Market continues to offer a separate mobile app designed to provide attendees with essential show information like maps, show schedules, event details and exhibitor listings. Find it in the AppStore by searching HPMKT.


    About International Market Centers

    International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC) is the world’s largest operator of premier showroom space for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries. IMC owns and operates 11.5 million square feet of world-class exhibition space in High Point, N.C. and Las Vegas. IMC buildings in High Point include International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC), Showplace, Showplace West, 200/320/330 N. Hamilton, Market Square & Suites, Market Square Tower, Plaza Suites, Furniture Plaza, National Furniture Mart, Hamilton Market and 300 S. Main Street.


    IMC’s mission is to build and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scalable platform for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries. For more information on IMC, visit imcenters.com.



    Karen Olson

    Vice President of Marketing

    International Market Centers

    Phone: 336-821-1502