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    Made in America Pavilion Back with 44 New Exhibitors



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    Made in America Pavilion Back with 44 New Exhibitors

    Authentic Home Furnishings Association Showing

    7000 sq ft of Ready-to-Finish Furniture


    HIGH POINT, N.C. (Friday, April 12, 2013) – TheMade in America Pavilion, is returning for the upcoming Spring 2013 High Point Market running April 20-25, and will feature 44 new exhibitors, including a 7000 square foot presentation of companies from the Authentic Home Furnishings Association. The Made in America Pavilion showcases a total of 66 exhibitors in 40,000 square feet.

    “We are thrilled with the success we have seen in the Made in America Pavilion, which has continued to grow as consumer demand for domestically-produced products has grown,” says Julie Messner, vice president of leasing for International Market Centers, which operates the Suites at Market Square.

    The Made in America Pavilion, once again located on the first (top) floor of the Suites at Market Square, showcases a diverse mix of domestically produced product, including case goods, upholstery, rugs, wall art, decorative accessories, and more.

    “The diversity of product styles is what is really amazing,” said Messner. “Made in America no longer means one distinct style. There are options for every style and region of the world.”

    New to the Pavilion this Market is a 7,000 square foot display of ready-to-finish goods organized by the Authentic Home Furnishings Association. The AHFA will hold an Open House Reception on Tuesday, April 23, 5-8:30 pm.

    Below is a list of all of the Made in America Pavilion companies showing at the Suites at Market Square this Market:

    • American Gas Log & Americast Stone (Georgia)
    • Archbold Furniture Co. (Ohio)
    • Artists Guild of America  (California)  
    • Binu Natural Soap (Florida)
    • Bed no Bugs (North Carolina) - NEW
    • Capel (North Carolina)
    • Connexion Software (North Carolina) - NEW
    • Carolina Furniture Works, Inc. (South Carolina) - NEW
    • Carolina Classic Furniture  (North Carolina) - NEW
    • Crazy Belt Lady (Kentucky) - NEW
    • Dixie Seating (North Carolina)
    • Ebersol (Pennsylvania)
    • Eddy West  (Georgia) - NEW
    • Evolutia  (Alabama) - NEW
    • Flat Rock Furniture (Indiana)
    • Froggy Bottom Outdoor Furniture (North Carolina)
    • Gentry Forge (Georgia) - NEW
    • Good Vibrations Ottoman - NEW
    • Habersham (Georgia)
    • Hale Mfg. Co.  (New York) - NEW
    • Homelite Johns (Mississippi) - NEW
    • Key City (North Carolina)
    • Authentic Home Furnishings Association  (New Hampshire) - NEW
      • Fighting Creek All American Furniture  (Virginia) - NEW
      • Ohio Wholesale, Inc. (Ohio) - NEW
      • Whitewood Industries, Inc. (North Carolina) - NEW
      • Whittier Wood Furniture  (Oregon) - NEW
      • College Woodwork (North America – Canada) - NEW
      • Inwood Furniture Mfg. (Texas) - NEW
      • Archbold Furniture Co. (Ohio)
      • Lancaster Iron & Wood (Pennsylvania) - NEW
      • Arthur W. Brown Manufacturing, Inc. (New York) - NEW
      • Woodwright/Heirloom Essentials (Ohio) - NEW
      • Forest Designs (Arizona) - NEW
      • Woodcraft Industries, Inc. (Pennsylvania) - NEW
      • Hyer’s Country Haven, LLC  (West Virginia) - NEW
      • CIX Direct  (Ohio) - NEW
      • A.L.T. O. Furniture Inc  (Pennsylvania) - NEW
      • Glenmont Furniture Co.  (Ohio) - NEW
      • JRM Sales & Management   (Georgia) - NEW
    • Keystone (Pennsylvania)
    • Lancer (North Carolina)
    • Leathercraft (North Carolina)
    • Millcraft Furniture (Ohio)
    • Mirrortique (Alabama) - NEW
    • Morgann Paull Studio (Missouri) - NEW
    • My Amazing Bed (Kansas) - NEW
    • Olde Good Things (Pennsylvania)
    • Old Hickory Furniture (Indiana) - NEW
    • Paladin (North Carolina)
    • Prog Finance (Utah) - NEW
    • R+C Sunset  (Indiana) - NEW
    • SawHorse Furniture (North Carolina) - NEW
    • Signature Shutters, LLC (Georgia)
    • Smart Deco Furniture (California) - NEW
    • Sono Inspired (Arkansas) - NEW
    • Summit Lamp (New York)
    • Sustainable Furnishings Council
    • Sweet Gumball, Inc. (Texas) - NEW
    • The Detroit Wallpaper Co.  (Michigan) - NEW
    • Thibaut (New Jersey) - NEW
    • Troutman Chair (North Carolina) - NEW
    • University Hall of Innovation
    • Venture Games, LLC  (Georgia) - NEW
    • Virginia Candle (Virginia) - NEW
    • Wall Flash Designs  (North Carolina) - NEW

    For more information about the Made in America Pavilion and links to exhibiting company web sites, please visit http://imchighpointmarket.com/high-point-market/made-in-america/


    About International Market Centers, L.P.

    International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC) is the world’s largest operator of premier showroom space for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries. IMC owns and operates 11.5 million square feet of world-class exhibition space in High Point, N.C., and Las Vegas. In addition, IMC operates the Las Vegas Design Center, a year-round resource open to both the design trade and consumers that is comprised of more than 40 showrooms and hundreds of designer brands. IMC’s mission is to build and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scalable platform for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries. For more information on IMC, visit www.imcenters.com.