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High Point Market Pros

Newly refreshed for Fall Market, our Instagram Takeover program expands to feature home furnishings across our buildings discovered by the Pros of IMC High Point Market! These Market Pros are excited to get to High Point Market in Fall and want to share their Market tips for you to get prepared too. Follow along on our @DesignOnHPMkt Instagram during Fall Market (October 16-20, 2021) to discover their favorite products and trends!  

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Get to know the Market Pros and be inspired for Fall Market with their top tips for Market:


Aviva Stanoff

Aviva Stanoff
Aviva Stanoff Design



1. We all know that the market is a big one with a lot of moving parts. it can be overwhelming if we are not comfortable so my first bit of advice is: Be comfortable! Pack comfortable shoes so discomfort does not distract you from working. Plan outfits so you are ready when it's "Go" time. Pack some protein bars for snacking healthy during your day! Now that we are comfortable and can focus let's get boots on the ground!Whoohoo!

2. Prepare a hitlist of the vendors that you want to see in advance so you can organize your market visit by building. Make appointments in advance to make sure you can connect with the key reps or principals if necessary. It is always nice to make sure to visit new vendors and visit the TrendWatch areas as well.

3. I always like to have a designated notebook/ file just in case I need to staple in biz cards or swatches or notes and sketches. It's a nice way to keep all my orders together and or"homework" associated with my market. For some of us it's a physical notebook, for others it may be easier to take pics or a combination of both. The key is to keep the info in a format for easy reference after the show. Good luck!


Laura Hodges

Laura Hodges
Laura Hodges Studio



1. When we go to market, we only carry a small purse or wallet. No bags or backpacks means you can’t accidentally take too many flyers, promo cards, or random paperwork that will weigh you down! Even a small notebook will eventually feel heavy after eight hours. If you end up finding something that you want to carry, a lot of the showrooms will have free bags to use. Make the best use of your phone for notes, contact info, and your daily agenda.

2. We always plan our day around where we’ll eat! This way, we don’t run out of energy or end up hungry after a few hours. Plan your meals and don’t forget to take a refillable waterbottle.

3. Check out the MyMarket App to plan your day so you don’t miss a thing! We love to plan our day around events making sure to balance our showroom visits with other activities like educational seminars and design talks.

Zachary Luke

Zachary Luke
Zachary Luke Designs

Market Square; SAMS; Commerce & Design


1. Since I usually attend for 3-4 days, I bring a blazer, button-up, chinos, and nice boots or shoes for the day. I'll usually change my button-up and pants for the night parties. It's good to stay relatively close to market so it's easy to go back to your hotel room to freshen up. I pack a more casual outfit for my 4th day because by that point I'm exhausted and have already been to all of the events I wanted to attend.

2. I prepare for market by figuring out my schedule for every day I'm going to attend.My first day is spent in IHFC, then the second day is spent at Showplace and any panels I want to attend, and then my third and fourth days consist of Suites at Market Square, C & D Building, and anywhere else I haven't popped in yet. It's good to have a plan before you go because you never stick to it. Haha!

3. For trends, I actually follow fashion, women's fashion in particular, very closely. Fashion trends always translate into interior design trends a season or two after. I usually know what to expect, but it's the surprises that really excite me. I love to be wowed and caught off guard. That's what truly keeps this industry exciting


Reed Harrison

Reed Harrison
Reed Harrison Designs

Showplace; SAMS; 200 N Hamilton


1. Categorize so you can Visualize

Before market, I place images of every element that I’ve previously selected and still need to purchase for a project in categories on private Pinterest boards. That organization allows me to quickly sort the photos by product type and client as I shop throughout the day. That evening I further edit the images so the boards are updated and accessible for me to visualize my progress saving me valuable time. My camera is hands down the most reliable assistant I’ve got. Say cheese!

2. Prioritize what’s Customized

As the owner of a small yet luxury interior design operation, I specialize in offering my clients items made specifically for their enjoyment, their surroundings and their comfort. The first thing I ask an Exhibitor is, “What among your offerings can I customize to suit the individual needs of my clientele?” Bespoke designs are essential for discerning individuals wanting access to one of a kind and made to order objects and materials to incorporate within their project, and it’s my job to prioritize their desires and fulfill those requirements. 

3. Socialize don’t Jeopardize 

We creative minds have an enormous amount to learn from and share with one another. Socialize during part of each day and night by further connecting with your acquaintances as well as strengthening relationships with other designers. Don’t jeopardize the possibility of a momentous opportunity because you feel the need to turn in early. Imagine how the collaboration among such talent makes this world a more beautiful place. By all means, burn the candle at both ends. You can sleep when you get home. 


Chris Goddard

Chris Goddard
Goddard Design Group



1. Time management - Whatever amount of time you think you'll need, double it! On my first trip, I thought I could cover the show in a few days. I quickly learned there's a lot of ground to cover, and by not watching my time I missed an awful lot on that first visit to High Point.

2. Plan extra time to explore - I have found so many great and unexpected resources by wandering around and visiting new showrooms. As designers, we are constantly evolving, and fresh new ideas can be found everywhere at High Point.

3. Be open to new things - It's important to have your checklist of main vendors and showrooms to visit, but keep your eyes open. Look in the doors and windows of the spaces you walk by because you never know what treasures lie beyond the threshold of the unexplored showroom.

4. Be friendly - I have met so many wonderful people at market and gained great insight into the show and design business from these encounters. Other attendees have shared their "must-sees" with me, and I've been pleasantly surprised with some of their recommendations.



Jacqueline Snow



1. Plan. Your. Visit. I cannot stress this enough. The MyMarket App is the best way to plan out your strategy to see as much as you can, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the special events, and to know where everything is located. Now, I am not telling you to plan every minute or even hour. I tend to visit my usual vendors at the beginning of the day, so then I have the rest of the day to allow my senses to lead me into other showrooms. Also, make sure you plan time to eat and to meet up with your designer friends. You know the ones that you have been holding daily conversations during quarantine via IG DMs, but have yet to meet in person? Yeah, hit them up and see if they are coming to Market.

2. Let your style shine. Wear whatever ensemble(s) that represent your true style and makes you feel your best. Pair that with some fun and comfortable and footwear. Sometimes our fashion is what breaks the ice when meeting new people. My go to vibe is a maxi dress with a pair of classic sneakers. As someone who has been living in Charlotte, NC for almost 7 years, I can safely say that our weather is “special.” One minute it is rainy and cold, while in the next it is beyond hot, humid, and has you wishing for a cloud. So, make sure to pack items that you can layer up or down. Also bring a rain jacket and/or umbrella. I keep a light jacket and a small umbrella in my large tote bag.

3. Stay charged up. Lastly, I would say bring whatever you need to keep your phones, tablets and such charged up. With Covid, everything such as brochures, business cards and such have turned digital. Plus, you will take a lot of photos and videos during your Market fun. So, I would recommend keeping a portable charger with you, so you don’t have to be a wallflower waiting for your iPhone to come back to life.



DuVäl Reynolds
DuVäl Reynolds, DuVäl Design, LLC



1. Plan Ahead: Because of its scattered layout, it is best to plan which vendors/showrooms you will want to see, so that you can strategize how to navigate the city. We tend to compartmentalize our visits, so we maximize our time in one building, or one entire block--it's just time-efficient.

2. Schedule Meetings: I've learned that by scheduling appointments with my trusted vendors that I'm more likely to remain focused on the showroom's offerings. Additionally, these appointments help me to stay on a schedule, as I go from vendor to vendor, rather than roaming idly.

3. Explore Day: Where possible always leave one day open to intentionally explore showrooms, streets, and random vendors that you do not know. I can't explain how many treasured items I've "stumbled upon" over the years.

4. Socialize: While our objective at Market is to see and test out furniture, socializing has become as nearly essential, over the years. So much has come from getting to know other designers, vendors, artisans, etc. Not only do we make great connections, but the advice, marketing opportunities, and guidance provided by so many talented people has been priceless.