Nathan Anthony Furniture: Transitions

Staying Power

Nathan Anthony Furniture, Monetti TableMid-century modern design is one style category sustaining its appeal across a handful of eras and generations – and with no signs of quitting. Typically defined by unfettered silhouettes, and focused on utility, it's easy to see how these designs remain desirable for so many living environments.

And while some big box and vertical stores have similarly co-opted sleek lines and multi-functionality in their furniture offering, today's marketplace is ripe with consumers seeking original looks, high-quality materials and solid construction.

Award-winning designer and Nathan Anthony Furniture co-founder Tina Nicole considers this end user with new mid-century inspired tables, adding to the brand's fully customizable upholstery collections. "We want to address the next phase in the purchasing cycle," says Nicole. "Younger customers are coming into their own. Their homes are yet another way for them to express personal style and other ideals."

Made to order in Nathan Anthony's Los Angeles factory, the Monetti table launches at this month's High Point Market, in InterHall space 505.

Monetti features a distinctive river-rock shape. Distinguished by a slim, solid wood top and tapered metal legs, it may be placed individually in front of a sofa, or grouped to create a nesting effect. "We like the idea of flexible arrangements," adds Nicole. "Use two or more tables to increase the surface area for books, decorative objects and the like, or stick to one unit, if that's what the space dictates."

Table tops may be customized, selecting from six Nathan Anthony wood finishes.Well-proportioned, splayed legs feature a superior quality, modern brass finish.

"The impetus for adding tables as well as rugs came out of requests from our dealers and interior designer clients," says Nicole. "They are looking for items to complement the contemporary seating we've become known for. They want to present cohesive looks to their customers."

This season's introduction is based on the success of two table groups presented during last fall's Market debut.

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