Transitional Spaces with Fermob

French Bistro TableIf furniture could talk, Fermob's Bistro set would tell the story of Parisian lemonade vendors in the 1890s that needed foldable, lightweight, outdoor furniture that could be easily stored and moved to avoid paying taxes for a permanent terrace. The original design, created by industrial metal workers, was simple, and it would quickly earn the reputation as one of the most durable chairs in the world.

In the 1990s, Fermob added color to the classic Bistro Collection. Providing color options helped the Bistro table and chairs evolve into something more than just outdoor seating for restaurants. The Bistro set became a part of the home.

Today, for young couples living in urban areas, Fermob's Bistro tables and chairs provide stylish seating options for smaller spaces like apartment kitchens and patios. The 24 color choices allow couples to make their own design statement.Fermob, Bistro Table

For entertaining guests, the Bistro chairs can be moved around for seamless additional seating, and the Balad lamp can also be added for indoor and outdoor lighting options

 for hosting friends and family well into the night. Small spaces should not limit the possibilities of inviting people into your home, and the Bistro Collection provides lightweight, versatile seating options for every stage of life.

Fermob, Bistro TableAs a couple starts a family and moves into a larger home, the Bistro furniture grows with them. The folding chairs and tables can easily be stored and moved around, or more
pieces can be added for colorful backyard seating and dining options. In this setting, the Balad lamp becomes an outdoor nightlight for children or a lighted backdrop for warm summer nights on the patio.

Over a hundred years since its original conception, Fermob's versatile Bistro Collection continues to provide
simple, stylish outdoor seating and dining options for families and businesses worldwide.

Even as children grow up and leave the home, and an empty nest couple downsizes, returning to the smaller spaces of their newlywed days, the Bistro set again provides Fermob, Bistro Tableflexible seating for a small condo, porch, patio, or garden. And in the winter months, it can be brought indoors and is always available to move around for additional seating for when the kids and grandkids come back home.

Experience the warmth of gathering and the joie de vivre with Fermob. Visit Fermob at High Point Market at SAMS G-7034 Salon.