Transitions: The Millennial Vanguard

Gold Leaf Design Group on 2017 Trend Watch themes

InterHall exhibitor, Gold Leaf Design Group offers products, Market after Market, that are continuously on trend. With 2017 Spring TrendWatch themes in mind, they will share their take on each theme and dive into what influences and inspires them to create collections in-line with what's hot and trending.

The Transitions theme is defined by, "Urban environments transitioning to suburban floor plans as older Millennials achieve new wealth and reach the crossroads of marriage and family. This season’s TRANSITIONS vignette illustrates this natural migration pattern in a two-part story of scale and functionality. Just when you think you’ve figured out the wants and needs of Millennials, who are forecast to outspend Baby Boomers in 2017, an even more powerful and plentiful set is waiting in the wings … Generation Z."

Read on to see Gold Leaf Design Group's insights on how to stay ahead of these generations' everchanging needs.

We’ve been following our Muse and leading the design conversation for over 20 years and one of the things we’ve come to anticipate in that time is our excitement as one generation starts supplanting the former. Fresh ideas mix with traditional and from this comes beauty. The Millennial generation has been brought up in an era of choice and a blending of influences. They are stylistically eclectic but conscious of budget…especially as they look to start families of their own. They will be a dynamic force in the years to come. Here’s our Take on Transitions.

Neutral Textures as a Baseline

Pattern and texture bring interest to a room without competing with more show pieces like stunning wall art or pops of color with accessories. This can be accomplished with neutral colors in area rugs and limited palette arrangements like our permanent botanical Xerophyte mix. This can even be extended into lighting like the monochromatic Geodesic light suitable for floor or shelf.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Neutral Textures

Cross-Cultural Influences

Millennials are the most culturally diverse and aware generation yet. This, along with boundary crossing media influences, has diversified their tastes to a near global aesthetic. One might find a Maya mirror (inspired equally by the Mesoamerican civilization’s sculptural art and the stylized flowers of Japanese family crests) mixed with Geisha sculptures and Shiva and Lingam stones.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Cross-Cultural

Vivid color and Pop Art

Bright colors and unusual objects draw attention. Far more than their small size may suggest. They serve as a focal point for a room and at a good price point can be used in multiples to create highly flexible and utilitarian designs.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Bright Objects

On the wall, shadowbox designs might incorporate colorful nostalgic pop art or traditionally patterned handmade paper. Both embody a DIY aesthetic popular in this upcoming generation.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Shadow Boxes

Finally, outdoors or in, Millennials can show that the blending of styles happens not only across borders but also across time. Rural influences can be urbanized and stylized to create simple but playful art while 80s neon bright acrylic can be fashioned into simple art for a crowded desk.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Blending of Styles

With an ever-growing voice, the Millennial generation is going to shape our industry. We look forward to seeing where our design conversation with them leads.

Find Gold Leaf Design Group in IHFC IH407 InterHall at April Market.