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TrendWatch Brings Design Trends to Life

TrendWatch Themes

High Point Market Trend Watch 

The popular TrendWatch program returns to High Point Market giving attendees an inside look at leading trends in the home furnishings industry through an opening day seminar and three on-site trend displays. This program is held in partnership with industry maven Julie Smith Vincenti of Nine Muses Media.

Fall 2017 Trends

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Fall 2017 TrendWatch


TrendWatch Theme: Code

From pictographs and ancient scripts to digital imagery and programming code, language connects humankind. TrendWatch presents a studied approach to modern-day connectivity and “comforts of home” in Code. The emphasis is tactile, autumnal and original … here, historical references ground a space, while modern influences offer a future-focused tailwind.



TrendWatch Theme: Complements

TrendWatch’s Fall 2017 color story emphasizes complementary colors and near complements, especially blue-and-orange pairings, and green-and-violet combinations. The mood is energetic, street smart, edgy and a bit youthful, too.



TrendWatch Theme: Curation

Emboldened and steadfast homeowners create memorable interiors with a more-is-more approach to pattern, texture and form. Equally important? The less-is-more mastery of a seasoned curator. Meet maximalist decorating ... the ultimate statement of personal expression.



Spring 2017 Trends

TrendWatch Spring 2017: Unbounded, Verdure, Transitions

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Unbounded, Spring 2017 TrendWatch Theme

Rules are few and fussiness is frowned upon in UNBOUNDED, a visual celebration of diverse patterns, textures and colors. In this latest look at Bohemian-inspired styling, we're mixing regional and folkloric motifs, vibrant and colorful accessories, and modern embellishments to create a convincing and cosmopolitan show of personal expression.



Transitions, Spring 2017 TrendWatch Theme

Urban environments transition to suburban floor plans as older Millennials achieve new wealth and reach the crossroads of marriage and family. This season’s TRANSITIONS vignette illustrates this natural migration pattern in a two-part story of scale and functionality. Just when you think you’ve figured out the wants and needs of Millennials, who are forecast to outspend Baby Boomers in 2017, an even more powerful and plentiful set is waiting in the wings … Generation Z.



Verdure, Spring 2017 TrendWatch theme

that promise renewal and growth create a backdrop for interiors and table-scapesin 2017. These upbeat greens will reinforce tropical-inspired themes in the year ahead, plus strengthen indoor/outdoor living and decorating trends. TrendWatch is going several shades darker for Spring 2017. These moody hues set a stage for our most traditional vignette to date in which we present updated traditional casegoods, classic upholstery silhouettes, and up-market decorative accessories and area rugs. 



TrendWatch Seminar

TrendWatch: Fall 2017
Saturday, October 14
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)