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TrendWatch Brings Design Trends to Life

TrendWatch Themes

High Point Market Trend Watch 

The popular TrendWatch program returns to High Point Market giving attendees an inside look at leading trends in the home furnishings industry through an opening day seminar and three on-site trend displays. This program is held in partnership with industry maven Julie Smith Vincenti of Nine Muses Media.

Fall 2018 Trends

TrendWatch Fall 2018

Line & Structure highlights linear patterns, computer-generated curves, architectural forms, 3D-printed prototypes; Riveting & Romantic showcases products with everything from romantic ruffles, small-scale florals, day dresses and tailored suiting to riveter-ready casual wear and pin-up playfulness; and Plein Air features all-weather furniture and accessories that have stormed the marketplace.

Line & Structure

TrendWatch: Line & Structure

Linear patterns, computer-generated curves, architectural forms, 3D-printed prototypes … TrendWatch’s Line & Structure presentation emphasizes precision, clean lines and future-focused design solutions shaped by technology. In a materials mix that includes wood, polished metal finishes, plastic, stone, and both natural and synthetic fibers, Line & Structure offers furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles that are high-performance, edgy and purposefully engineered to meet demand for modern-day style, comfort and convenience.


Riveting & Romantic

TrendWatch: Riveting & Romantic

From romantic ruffles, small-scale florals, day dresses and tailored suiting to riveter-ready casual wear and pin-up playfulness, fashion influences from the 1940s are having a moment now and for the foreseeable future — TrendWatch’s Riveting & Romantic theme for Fall 2018 builds on the momentum. What to look for: warm color palettes, especially pretty reds, fresh pinks and greens, and soft brown varieties; feminine flourishes such as loose ruffles and confident florals; casual textiles; suiting patterns; and enduring styling.


Plein Air

TrendWatch: Plein Air

We’re doing more than just spending time outdoor … we’re spending substantial dollars to decorate our outdoor living spaces. All-weather furniture and accessories have stormed the marketplace, and TrendWatch’s Plein Air shows best examples.


Trendwatch Catalog

See more Trendwatch picks in the Fall 2018 Trendwatch Catalog

Spring 2018 Trends

#SheSuite, a work space for the modern executive; Beyondaries Revisited, a color-driven vignette filled with vibrant hues and contemporary forms; and Modern Family, a look a how Millennials feather the nest as they encounter new life milestones.

Trendwatch Spring 2018

Modern Family

Millennial Family

TrendWatch showcases Millennials’ take on life-stage milestones by focusing on the modern family’s shared living spaces. The focus is on dining areas, kitchens and great rooms, as well as right-sized products that emphasize a convention-bucking approach to personal style.


Beyondaries Revisited

Beyondaries Part Two

TrendWatch revisits interstellar inspiration in its second expedition to Beyondaries, a vignette inspired by humankind’s quest to shape the future through technological feats and new frontiers.



She Suite

TrendWatch realizes #MeToo empowerment and unswerving resolve in She Suite, an open, airy home office and lounge where message is purposeful; design is confident; and a no-nonsense vibe underlines who is writing the new rules.


TrendWatch Seminar

TrendWatch: Fall 2018
Saturday, October 13
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)