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TrendWatch Brings Design Trends to Life


High Point Market Trend Watch 

The highly-anticipated TrendWatch program continues to give Market attendees an inside look at leading trends in the home furnishings industry. TrendWatch is directed by home furnishings trend forecaster, creative director, and curator Julie Smith Vincenti of Nine Muses Media. Drawing on her breadth and depth of design knowledge, Julie curates submissions from High Point Market tenants and exhibitors and offers an expert eye and new perspective for the program. 

The TrendWatch program showcases how these trends influence style and décor for home furnishings, with products ranging from furniture to textiles, materials to decorative accessories. The products selected reflect the following themes, which change for each Market.

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High Point FALL 2021 Trendwatch


Enthusiasm, creativity, and spirit abound in VERVE, a vibrant showcase that unites and inspires by way of dialed-up pastels, prismatic brights, and glowing tech hues. VERVE tempts with colors primed for a subtle room refresh or a full-on reset. Design, decorate, and stage with gusto and confidence this fall … VERVE shows you how.  

 High Point Fall 2021 Trendwatch


The so-called red metals — copper, brass, and bronze — forge ahead in a masterful presentation of contemporary forms, traditional craftsmanship, and authentic finishes. Warm, earthy, and emitting a glorious glow, this season’s MALLEABLE workshops both past and present across a style spectrum that spans Art Deco to Modernism.


High Point Fall 2021 Trendwatch


TrendWatch is going on vacation — and so are millions of consumers pumped up by post-pandemic wanderlust. No one destination or landscape reigns; instead, individuals, couples, and families are crafting custom experiences that set course for all-terrain types, from tropical oasis to desert retreat and all destinations in between. Find a casual backdrop of exotic patterns, low-tech craftsmanship, and inspiring colors in AWAY, which also presents current trends in consumer discretionary spending.



June 2021 Trends


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High Point June 2020 Trendwatch




Designers and skillful home enthusiasts confidently mix unpredictable styles, colors, and patterns to create signature interiors. It’s home curation that surprises and inspires; new examples are like a 20th Century master class. Enter MÉLANGE, a home furnishings mix in a range that draws from Brutalism and Abstract Expressionism to Postmodernism and even Art Deco. Look for rounded forms and silhouettes, especially in upholstery and casegoods; fluidity; sketched lines (think: crosshatch, stippled dots, speckles, and dashes); bas relief surfaces; elegant patterns; romantic flourishes; and crowd-pleasing accents that create visual harmony, livable elegance, and joy. 


High Point June 2020 Trendwatch




TrendWatch is totally tuned in to 1980s redux, and MIXTAPE epitomizes the vibe. Dubbed “art for and by the masses,” mixtapes celebrated individualism and creativity. In this eponymous presentation, 80s-era icons and influences are synthesized together … expect neon lights that radiate rad; black and white pairings that pop; new wave compositions; patterns as catchy as hip hop beats; and — wham! —lively pastels.


High Point June 2020 Trendwatch




Purples and purple-cast neutrals — from lilac, thistle and African violet to plum, mulberry and fig — are leaders in RESILIENCE & RESOLVE, TrendWatch’s timely color showcase for 2021. There’s plenty of prose to describe purple’s significance: introspection, compromise, intuition, spirituality, luxury, grandeur, awakening, harmony. TrendWatch examines purple’s many facets this season and, in the process, gives context to current colors of the year.



Fall 2021 TrendWatch Events

TrendWatch Fall 2021 Webinar
Wednesday, October 6
1-2 PM EDT

Onsite Seminar Returns
Saturday, October 16
1:30-2:30 PM EDT
Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room

New! TrendWatch Tour
Monday, October 21
1-2:30 PM EDT