Unbounded: Free your Mind

Gold Leaf Design Group on 2017 Trend Watch themes

InterHall exhibitor, Gold Leaf Design Group offers products, Market after Market, that are continuously on trend. With 2017 Spring TrendWatch themes in mind, they will share their take on each theme and dive into what influences and inspires them to create collections in-line with what's hot and trending.

The Unbounded theme dictates that, "Rules are few and fussiness is frowned upon in this visual celebration of diverse patterns, textures and colors. In this latest look at Bohemian-inspired styling, we're mixing regional and folkloric motifs, vibrant and colorful accessories, and modern embellishments to create a convincing and cosmopolitan show of personal expression."

Read on as Gold Leaf Design Group shares how to cross boundaries in order to find something new!

Being inspired by ever evolving nature, we are strong believers in crossing boundaries and creatively remixing our influences. Just as you can see nature adapt to its environment, we benefit from a rich tapestry of culture, history, and creativity. We celebrate that.

Traditional patterns
Patterns play an integral role in our lives. We use them to adorn ourselves and objects we use every day. Ornamentation expresses originality while connecting us. Societally, it becomes a part of our cultural language and it grows and changes over time. We take our inspiration from this very human impulse in our Burkina and Gourda vases. Both are handmade and decorated with traditional graphic motifs. Each is unique expressing the hand that made it.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Burkina & Gourda Vases

Vibrant Colors
Color plays a big role in creating a lively and active space. It can be used to tie together disparate graphic elements by ensuring that a common theme or mood is present. Or use patterns and the connotations that they create to thematically group objects. For instance taking the swirling liquid blue tones of our Jackson Wood Jugs and combining them with our very graphic Charley Harper fish sculptures.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Jackson Jugs & Harper Fish

Playful Seriousity
An Unbounded sensibility also implies a youthful mixing high and low brow. Lovingly recreating common objects in prestigious materials (such as our Marble Hats (from our Muse Modern™ collection) encourages one to examine the beauty of that object by elevating it to art. You can also add some unexpected levity with oversized objects like our outdoor safe Fiberglass ducks.

Gold Leaf Design Group, Large Ducks & Marble Hats

So encourage your inner rebel and follow your muse. As you travel through High Point Market, be open to the unexpected. Look to the past and the present and synthesize something new and utterly unique for you and your customers.

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