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It's the first Virtual Showhouse for High Point! Check out how leading designers "built the room" using Market products.

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Libby Langdon - Living Room

The jumping-off point for my living room design came from the Phillip Jeffries Flight emerald wallpaper with the cranes and deep teal color. When I saw this wallpaper I knew it would be a dynamic design statement and the possibilities for the design would be endless! It was important to incorporate different styles, materials, and finishes so it could balance the boldness of the paper. I wanted to create special moments in the room that related to the color and finish selection, so I used items in pale blush pink, hot pink and soft cream.  Using one bold statement determines the direction of the overall scheme and adding so many small special design touches like the gold wallpaper on the ceiling, stylish accessories and accent pieces helps to round it out.  It’s fun to create rooms that are inviting and comfortable but to design a space that’s striking and dramatic can be even more fun!

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Libby Langdon Room

Libby Langdon Room 2 Libby Langdon Room 3 Libby Langdon Room 4


Corey Damen Jenkins - Library/Home Office

My vision for this Formal Library & Office Suite was fueled by the choice of two powerful colors: olive green and citron yellow. These hues have long been regarded as among the most conducive for learning, hence why they are often used to paint classroom walls. Since a home office/ library should be a refreshing place to learn, consult and teach others, I felt this color combination would be the perfect genesis for this interior design concept. A wide range of my favorite brands have been pulled into play for this room.

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Corey Damian Jenkins Showhouse


Erinn Valencich - Cabana/Outdoor Room  

This design focuses on inspiration right outside our windows. Travel influences design, and with travel limited these days, we worked to recreate wanderlust in our own backyard. Around the country, people are ready to enjoy the outside, and the warm weather summer brings. Outdoor spaces should be treated as extensions of the home. We selected organic elements, textures and colors to seamlessly blend in with the landscape. The ability to ground ourselves in nature improves the limitations of the current situation.

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Erin Valencich Showroom Designed


Erin Valencich Showroom Designed

Erin Valencich Showroom Designed


Jason Oliver Nixon - Dining Room 

Welcome to the “Come On, Come On Get Happy” dining room. Shout Hallelujah! Hello, world, come on get happy. The sun is shining, forget your troubles, c’mon get happy! Never mind the fussy and stuffy. The Madcap Cottage dining room is an invitation to relax with friends and catch up over a spirited meal as the sound system segues from Judy Garland to Roxy Music. The martinis are free flowing, the disco ball is spinning, the candles are burning bright, and the night beckons a long lacquered-red nail. “Are you ready,” she coos.  A dash of whimsy and a spirit of fun. Relaxed perfection rooted in history that celebrates each and every day.

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Jason Oliver Nixon Showhouse


Bria Hammel - Bedroom

For this design, our vision was to create a space that was soothing and sophisticated – something we always like to incorporate into a master bedroom. We focused on mixing both modern and vintage-like pieces to give the room dimension and a “lived-in” feeling to make it as inviting as possible. This finished look is a space that both men and women would find themselves drawn to and can stand the test of time. 

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Bria Hammel Showroom


Shayla Copas - Bedroom

I love using bold prints and patterns with airy, larger pieces of furniture. The soft palette and textures bring a tranquil feel to this bedroom which is perfect after a long day. Adding natural elements throughout the design is important, as nature is my first inspiration.

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Shayla Copas Room

Shayla Copas Room 2