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High Point Market Pros

Newly refreshed for Spring Market, our Instagram Takeover program expands to feature home furnishings across our buildings discovered by the Pros of DesignOn HPMKT by IMC! These Market Pros are excited to get to High Point Market this Spring and want to share their Market tips for you to get prepared too.

Follow along on our @DesignOnHPMkt Instagram before and during Spring Market (April 1 - 6, 2022) to discover each Market Pro's favorite products and trends!  

Get to know the Market Pros and be inspired for Spring Market with their "top tips" for Market:


Lori Paranjape

Lori Paranjape
Mrs. Paranjape

 Covering: InterHall & Showplace



1. We have two goals in mind when we come to Market... see what our favorite brands are introducing and scope out new brands that we would like to pick up.

2. The #1 rule is comfy shoes!!  Market is a marathon and you need to be comfortable to conquer it! We like to have a plan of which buildings we will see each day to make each day more efficient... stay in one area and see everything on your list. The next day start on a different block or different building and keep it concise.

3. Market is essential for me and my team. We need to touch and feel materials, sit on upholstery seats and understand the quality of our brands. We are selling our clients based on our extensive brand knowledge and Market is where we learn!

4. We typically start with IHFC so we can explore High Design and visit some of our favorite vendors. Showplace is next and we hit every floor to walk showrooms and get a tour of all the new introductions. It's essential that we are always up to date with product knowledge and what is ahead.


Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas
Interiors by Design

 Covering: Hamilton Wrenn; Hamilton Place; IHFC & Showplace



1. Going to Market is an inspiring experience that provides designers an opportunity to preview evolving new trends and new products from both new and established vendors. Designers go to market with an open mind and their shopping list of key pieces they need for their various projects, as well as fresh ideas for future projects.  

The Market showrooms display furnishing and decorative pieces at a range of price points for every client. This immense showcase of merchandise has everything from stunning lighting options to elegant sofas and chairs. Market is an opportunity to examine the quality of items up close, see a range of home furnishings and connect directly with the vendors. The expansive exhibits at Market are invaluable, always spawning innovative ideas and knowledge of what’s available in the marketplace as well as new vendor sources.

 2. The Market can be somewhat overwhelming to a first time visitor. Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and plan on distance walking… because there is no greater opportunity for designers to view, first hand, new innovations in design including many furnishing and design items that you won’t see outside the Market. Bring plenty of business cards and exchange information with other designers, vendors and other craftsmen. Make notes regarding vendors and exhibits that you want to later reference. Going to Market is a unique experience…pace yourself and enjoy!

3. Relationships are an integral component of success in the design industry. The Market provides a prime opportunity to reconnect with designer colleagues, meet new designers and expand relationships with both established and new vendors and merchants. Interior Design is very much a people business. The ability to communicate, listen and learn makes every Market visit a successful and enjoyable experience.

4. First showrooms I visit are in IHFC, Steele, Suites at Market Square, Show Place.


Andre' Jordan Hilton

Andre’ Jordan Hilton

DesignOnHPMKT's Fresh to Follow Spring 2022 Designer

Covering: Market Square; SAMS; Commerce & Design & IHFC



1. I am looking for new and innovative products that push the boundaries of design to the next level.  I also look for ways to build and network with designers, publications, and trade relationships. I'm a sofa, dining chair and lighting maniac.  They are usually the most specific pieces that push the design in each space I create.  I also look for new exhibitors that bring something fresh to the table that we haven’t seen before.

2. My top tips for shopping Market are: 1) wear comfortable shoes 2) Bring a baggage for collecting resources and sample shopping 3) plan a list of showings that cater to your style 4) Visit the Suites at Market Square, you’ll always find something unexpected. 5) Style yourself “Dressy Casual Chic”, HPMKT is full of work, but also full of play, be ready for both at all times!

3. The in person Market experience is extremely important because it means you get to see and test out the quality of all new products  so you know what you are purchasing and selling beforehand.  You’ll also receive important details about products from the exhibitors themselves to ensure you have selling points for your clients.

4. I would list all of the IMC properties as being all necessary for the full market experience!


Christa O’Leary

Christa O’Leary
Home in Harmony Designs


Covering: C&D; IHFC & Market Square



1. Well of course the goal is always “something new and different” from what has already been out on the market for years! My style lends itself to modern classic, so I look for accessories, lighting, home décor and more with a fresh twist on a classic design. I am lucky that owning a retail boutique and design showroom allows me to look for both client projects and fun items we can carry in our retail space as well.

2. Do your homework and make a detailed plan. I always take a few days to map out where I will go and then I follow that but leave flexibility for new surprises. That is how I found brands like Addison Weeks when they were fairly new to the market. Oh, and, make sure to wear really comfortable shoes!

3. Invaluable! First and foremost, the in-person experience allows you to assess the quality, color and texture in a way that online can’t match. I also believe it gives designers a energetic boost being surrounded by their peers. I think we need this more than ever given the challenging times and frustrations that have been associated with the design and furniture industry. So excited to be back at HPMKT for the connection, camaraderie and inspiration!

4. As much as we try to get to all locations, if I have a time crunch, I would say my top go-to locations would be Market Square, IHFC, and I walk Showtime/Steele Building and the strip down Hamilton! 


Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers
Jay Jeffers Inc.



Covering: Commerce & Design and Showplace



1. High Point Market is an incredible resource for finding well-crafted pieces that will become future heirlooms. I love shopping for furniture and larger casegoods as well as lighting -- statement-making items that show the hand of the artisan. Arteriors is one of my go-to resources for these kinds of pieces; they have been a leader in design for 35 years and their products stand the test of time. I'm thrilled to launch my third collection with them this market, in fact! My additional go-to's are Four Hands, Verellen Upholstery, Alfonso Marino, Hickory Chair, Arteriors, Circa Lighting.

2. COFFEE!  I like to take my time. I tend to hit a favorite spot or 2 to see new things they have, but I also try to stop into a spot that I may have never been in. I know I won’t see it all, so I take my time.

3. It really is so different online vs in person. To be able to see, touch and sit in furnishings gives us as designers the confidence to sell the pieces to clients.

4. First stop is the C&D Building, and then Showplace!

Virginia Toledo-Hernandez

Virginia Toledo-Hernandez
Toledo Geller


Hamilton Wrenn & Hamilton Place,

IHFC, Showplace


1. I tend to largely focus my search on case goods, upholstery and lighting. I’m also looking for a mix of price points from mid to high range. Quality and American made are also important to us. While we visit some of our tried and true vendors like Highland House, Gabby Home, Currey & Co., etc., we are on the hunt for new exhibitors, as well as smaller companies local to the NC area that we may not be familiar with.

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! Visit the High Point Market website and plan your visit ahead of time. Plot out the vendors you must see and figure out where they are located and plan your day(s) so that you are making the most efficient use of your time. Also, have fun! There are so many fun events during market, so be sure to make time for that too!

3. There isn’t anything quite like “test driving” products and you can’t replicate that by shopping online. We serve as our client’s fiduciaries, and I want to know as much as I can about the products we are specifying, so that we can confidently relay the pros and cons of the brands we are recommending. It is also meaningful to have that facetime with vendors and sales reps to build a relationship.

4. Commerce & Design usually is my first stop because it encompasses so many different brands, as well as features some new exhibitors each year. IHFC is equally as comprehensive and if you have limited time on your trip, you will be sure to see a lot if you can only make it to this building. It has a generous mix of lines and categories. For a more intimate feeling and some one-of-a-kind vendors, Suites at Market Square is a must visit. Lastly, we always make it a point to stop at Hamilton Wrenn, as we work with many of their showrooms, many of whom do not have a representation/showroom in the northeast, so it's super helpful to touch, feel and test out the items we are specifying most regularly.