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Casual at High Point Market


Indoor/outdoor flow for living spaces is a popular concept with homebuyers, along with the idea that furniture exposed to the elements be equally as comfortable as the cushy sofa in the family room inside. And according to Casual Living research, consumers are more likely to purchase their outdoor furnishings from a brick-and-mortar store, underscoring the added sales potential of including the product category on the floor.

Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate (IHFC - IH111)

Outdoor furniture styles incorporate all of the indoor favorites as well. Showrooms highlight everything from contemporary to retro to transitional, accompanied by price points for every budget. Think “The Great Outdoors” when shopping for your floor!

Janus et Cie

Janus et Cie (IHFC - M130)

For a complete listing of casual and outdoor showrooms at High Point Market, please consult the Exhibitor Directory.