Unbounded Freedom

By Li Kurczewski, creative director, Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living, Zuri RugWith a free-spirited creative aesthetic that celebrates individuality and the everyday, our purpose at Jaipur Living is to help consumers harness their inner-designer, to give them the tools they need to celebrate and unleash their own creativity in order to express their personal style.

To me, personal expression is what the “Unbounded” trend is all about. In our industry, we pay a lot of lip service to the word lifestyle. But “Unbounded” speaks to how people really want to live now. At Jaipur Living, we feel so strongly about celebrating this idea that our team created a campaign for Spring ‘17 called Freedom Habitat.

Encompassing an evocative digital look book, stunning, large-scale graphic images in our showroom, digital marketing materials and inspirational video footage, Freedom Habitat speaks to all the special, fun and simply remarkable ways that every person’s style is truly unique and special. It is a visual celebration of diverse patterns, colors and, yes, a thoroughly bohemian and modern, cosmopolitan vibe. For us, the mix of regional and folkloric motifs revolves this season around vintage Moroccan, like our playful Zuri rug featured in the “Unbounded” TrendWatch display this market.

Our Ceres rug is another great example. A contemporary machine-made that’s durable and easy care, it offers a soft hand that makes it truly livable. Another vibrant designJaipur Living, Ceres Rug was reinterpreted from an original, hand-made ikat into a machine-made rug for an exciting look with lots of color, flair and flavor, ideal for those seeking to enliven a space with energy. Naturals and textures, too, are keys to personalizing your environment now, as we demonstrate with Prism, a flatweave crafted of a wool and viscose mix that’s durable enough to be right at home among the plants.

Jaipur Living, Prism RugSince Jaipur is deeply rooted in artisan heritage, and we are inspired at all times by a business model that nurtures artisans and indigenous crafts around the world, it’s important to point out that changing the construction of these rugs was key, because in so doing, we’ve made the looks more accessible in terms of both price point and livability. This strategy of translating expensive vintage hand-knots into very affordable machine-made and innovative indoor/outdoor constructions is an important facet of Freedom Habitat and the “Unbounded” trend because you are free to express yourself now, and if your mood changes down the road, you won’t feel guilty about shifting rugs like these to different rooms because they were not investment pieces.

Focus on great style and fashion-forward design, while removing the worry about caring for a rug, and suddenly you have the freedom to enjoy living—unbounded—to the fullest. 

Jaipur Living is located at Showplace 3300 at High Point Market.