Verdure by Orian Rugs

Orian Rugs, CrissCross RugOur elegant Crisscross Solid Off-White area rug was the first thing that came to mind when we heard about the Verdure trend watch for 2017. This rug is the epitome of a rug with a classic design scheme done with an inventive, modern twist and therefore signifies growth and renewal of décor much like that of the growing verdure trend. The traditional, neutral colors in this rug pair perfectly with the deep, blackened greens of this gorgeous trend. And the classic style of a trellis pattern reflect the gates helping the verdure stick around. This rug is made with a beige colored background and accented with a classic black crisscross pattern that perfectly accentuates the colors in the room around it. We created this rug for this very reason- to inspire a new style of room designs and bring them to life by serving as a backdrop for creativity among other, bolder accents. Pairing neutral colors like those in this rug with bold and moody green hues instantly creates an artistic look in any circumstance. Inspired by the traditional looks of the past and the warm feelings of a neutral tone, this rug on your floor shows that you know how to build a home décor scheme from the ground up.

The Crisscross rug comes from our Next Generation Collection which is one of our newest group of rugs using our Fusion Color Technology. This means we created this rug Orian Rugs, CrissCross Rugstarting with 26 different possible color combinations to find the perfect tones while creating new and dynamic hues and patterns that we had never used in our rugs before. This rug is also extremely soft and plush because it is an update of our flawless flagship collection- Carolina Wild- which both have a 1.5 inch pile height. This rug is everything in the future of decorative area rugs for half the price, as is the use of greenery and vegetation in home décor. When it comes down to it, the way of the future in area rugs is something that takes more than your usual design- it is about creating a foundation for growth in décor. Nothing represents renewal and growth more than the bold and exhilarating style of the Verdure Greens and the lavish, grandiose looks for less that must surround it.