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Market Pros

Market Pros

High Point Market Pros

Newly refreshed for June Market, our Instagram Takeover program expands to feature home furnishings across our buildings discovered by the Pros of IMC High Point Market! These Market Pros are excited to get to High Point Market in June and want to share their Market tips for you to get prepared too. Follow along on our @DesignOnHPMkt Instagram during June Market (June 5 - 9, 2021) to discover their favorite products and trends!  

Follow @DesignOnHPMkt for the IMC High Point Market Pros' Favorite Product Selections on their scheduled date below!

Get to know the Market Pros and be inspired for June Market with their top tips for Market:


Joy Williams

Joy Williams
Joyful Designs Studio

SAMS; Antique & Design Center


1. First thing first - download the HPMKT app!  It’s a game-changer.  It will help you clearly map out your entire visit and feel confident in meeting your goals for Market. 

2. Second, Curate Curate Curate!  While I’d love to visit every single showroom at HPMKT, I know that is just not physically possible for me to do alone.  So narrow your selections and be very intentional about which showrooms you plan to visit. I do this by first visiting the Highpointmarket.org site.  There’s tons of useful information for designers from other design pros and experts.  The Products and Trends report is a must read with a well curated take on what designers and trend makers are predicting for the season. 

3. Set self-care goals.  Settle on a defined number of hours to visit showrooms each day and build breaks into that schedule.  Then set a time to go back to your hotel and rest and relax or even nap before you head back out for evening festivities, whether that’s dinner with other design friends or attending an after hours market event.  Your mind and body will thank you.


Catchet Adams

Cachet Adams
Cachet Demaine Interiors

Showplace; IHFC


1. Keep your load light. Use your phone's note app to organize vendors/products/business cards/you can even use voice recordings if that's more efficient for you. 

2. Plan ahead. Research vendors and be sure to prioritize those showroom visits. It's a virtue to see all High Point has to offer! 

3. It's all about relationships. Make a point to get familiar with your regional sales reps and take time to network with other designers.

Emily Stallings

Emily Stallings
Stallings Studio

SAMS; Commerce & Design


1. Get organized! It is impossible not to be overwhelmed with everything there is to see at HPMKT, so having your client purchasing lists prepped and ready beforehand is essential to a successful trip.

2. Document everything as you go. Our team uses shared notes and albums to keep track of products, vendors, and even our reactions to how comfortable a sofa sits. This way, when clients ask “But is it comfy?” or “I’d really like to see this in person first!”, we know that we can truly vouch for the products we put in their homes.

3. Tack on an extra day at the end of your trip to recap on your 2021 Market experience. Or even better, treat yourself to a spa day for making it through the week!


Neecy Patton

Neecy Patton
Creative Redesign by Neecy

Showplace; IHFC


1. First things first, comfortable shoes are a must! There will be plenty of walking and more walking.

2. Have a good meal before you start your day. You will need fuel to maximize your time as you go from showroom to showroom.

3. When you visit each showroom, take a picture of the name of the showroom BEFORE you start taking pictures inside the showroom. That will help you stay organized as to which furniture belongs to which vendor. You’ll thank me at the end of a long day.

Janelle Hughes and Kim Williams

Janelle Hughes & Kim Williams
KJ Design and Mortar Styling LLC

Market Square Textile Tower/Historic Market Square; 330 N. Hamilton Street


1. Create a Google Document and Shared drive so that you can share notes and images with team members and clients.  

2. Develop a visual mood board to guide your experience. It's OK if you veer away from it.

3. Keep in mind that it's all about being creative and having fun. Go with a plan, but remember that the creative process will always tell you where you need to go and what you need to score. 

Tiffany White

Tiffany White


1. Plan Your Schedule by Building and/or Area: Use the #MYMARKET app, so you don’t waste time walking and catching rides between buildings. There are over 2,000 showrooms and some prefer and/or require you to schedule an appointment. This is especially true for the Hamilton-Wrenn buildings. Therefore, be sure to schedule a tour in advance to eliminate disappointment.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open for High Point Market Style Spotter Cards: You didn’t have time to research the least trends. Don’t worry-A team of style-forward home design leaders, including myself,will select top styles and trends. As an interior designer and home stager, Midcity has various means to stay up today with the latest trends. My color, style, and trend muses pull from fashion, art, and architectural trends.

3. Pack the Essentials: Pack comfortable shoes. PERIOD. As a female, we are wired to believe that pretty hurts. BUT, at #HPMKT, there are thousands of showrooms to visits covering hundreds of miles. Tip-Comfy trumps cute-Your feet will thank you! I also recommend using a backpack for a hands free experience.


Barry Goralnick

Barry Goralnick
Barry Goralnick

IHFC; Market Square

1. Do your homework. Find out what your favorite showrooms are launching (and have launched recently) – especially if you haven’t been traveling for the past two seasons. Then check it out in person.

2. Find out who’s going to be where and when. Then be there. You’ll get more out of your time if you make a plan. Check the schedule for events, book signings, talks, and designer appearances. Designers love meeting the creative talents from around the country who specify their products.

3. Make a detailed list of currents project needs and things in the pipeline – it makes sourcing much easier more manageable.


Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley
Joy Street Design

Tips coming soon!


Traci Connell

Traci Connell
Traci Connell Interiors

Tips coming soon!